I have no idea what this really is for, but I guess I'll reblog stuff here, answer questions (like I'm of interest) and all that fun stuff in solitude.


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Solution for every problem!


Solution for every problem!

( askpoppy is playing League! Does anyone want to join in? )





Definitely would join if NA! :D

Username plz. I will invite. :)

I would? :D




( askpoppy is playing League! Does anyone want to join in? )

I want to join if it’s NA! D:

Let’s see how many RPers are out there


Reblog if you’re a role player of any fandom or even if you RP complete OCs.

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So. Um. Katarina? I wan--I have this friend who dreams of an autograph from you. Can you sign this dagger "To my love, Azei"? ouo

Waving my hands around the orb of summoning I focused on Katarina the evil Noxian. And when her image came to my head, the magic brought her to us. “Don’t push your luck with me.” She said to me and then walked towards you and examined you. “What is it you want? Figures that I was the first being summoned wit hall the other losers that you could have chosen from.” After hearing the question, Katarina made a face, it was a mix of disgust and confusion. I swalloed and backed off a little, feeling the tension of the situation. Katarina was unpredictable after all. “T-..to my love Azei? Naturally your friend doesn’t have the guts to come and ask me that his/herself.” Taking the dagger from your hand, Katarina looked at it. This blade doesn’t even have good quality. It can break easily and probably can’t cut anything.” After tossing the dagger away to the side, Katarina drew one of her throwing daggers and then a pen, before she started to write onto it. “Your pathetic dagger wasn’t worthy of my autograph.” The throwing dagger said: -“You are dead, once I found out about your whereabouts.”- Then Katarina threw the dagger into your shoulder. I immediatly broke the contract and Katarina disappeared into the orb. Quickly I threw myself onto the floor and apologized.

Hello guys~

Hai, I’m new here and would like to do an ask blog about League of Legends. I’ll answer the questions with a quality roleplay post in character of the asked champion. I am roleplaying for years now and can easily slip into character of about anything I’ve observed.